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It starts with a generations-old Russo family recipe. The crust, hand-tossed from 100% Italian semolina wheat dough. No additives, no preservatives. Next, Californian vine-ripened tomatoes are hand-crushed, simmered into sauce. Then, comes 100% pure, fresh mozzarella cheese, from a small dairy in Wisconsin.

Into the oven it goes. Russo's NY Pizzerias only use traditional brick ovens. Because only brick ovens give Russo's pizza the crisp crust and authentic taste we insist on.

Now, that’s real pizza. It's what sets Russo's apart. And we give our customers the exact same experience in all of our restaurants — across the United States and around the world.


Anthony Russo goes to great lengths to ensure the freshest ingredients possible. A great many items are imported directly from Italy.

Each year Anthony visits Italy, touring family wineries, oversees olive oil production, and tastes meats and cheeses at local farms to ensure his high quality standards are maintained. You’ll never find canned sauces or frozen vegetables in a Russo's NY Pizzeria kitchen.

"Once my dad said, 'if you can't make it fresh don't serve it,' and that phrase is a true statement that I will never forget in my kitchen."
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