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October 25, 2013 By Amy Lecza

If you've got the capital, the restaurant experience and the business savvy, you could theoretically take your money anywhere and get involved with a wide array of franchises. We're not being prideful, but we think we're the best pizza and Italian franchise, and we'd love for you to join us.

But why choose a Russo's franchise?
We'll give you five reasons.

1. Menu Innovation
As an Italian restaurant concept committed to authenticity in every capacity, you'll find antipasti, insalata and zuppa alongside pizzas, calzones and pastas. And don't forget the dessert - Chef Anthony's personal recipe for cannoli is situated right next to the perfect wine pairing for your meal. Plus, we have a fantastic-looking menu - a visual journey through a meal, Russo's menus are chock full of beautiful pictures to give the diner a look at the dishes and drinks that make up the Russo's experience.

2. Variety & Growth Opportunities
Russo's Restaurants are twice as nice. We have two restaurant franchise concepts - casual, family-friendly Russo's New York Pizzeria and Russo's Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen, the pizzeria's sophisticated older brother. Whether you're looking to own three Russo's or five, you'll have the opportunity to look into multi-unit franchise ownership and start building your empire.

3. Unparalleled Support
You wouldn't scale the side of a mountain without a lifeline, and likewise, we'll never leave you hanging. You'll have access to helpful, friendly restaurant franchisee support and we'll always welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

4. Culture & Leadership
When you become a member of the Russo's family, you're in it for life. You may not be Italian, but by the end of your training, you'll be just as passionate about creating the authentic Italian restaurant experience as we are. Plus, you'll have access to top-notch industry leaders in restaurant franchising, development and training.

5. Quality of Food
You've probably visited a restaurant where you thought to yourself, "if this is the way the food looks and tastes, I don't even want to know what their kitchens are like." At Russo's, we are committed to using fresh ingredients for the best possible dining experience. From the in-house hand-pulled mozzarella cheese in entrees and on pizzas to the fresh, never-frozen vegetables and herbs peppering each delectable, authentic Italian dish, we don't skimp on quality. Plus, we're passionate about using as many local ingredients as we can. Our extra-virgin olive oil comes directly from Italian olive groves.

At Russo's, we're committed to providing innovative menu options, the opportunity to expand your portfolio, support from your brand leadership, a definitive culture... and don't forget the freshest ingredients around. To join our family of franchisees, visit