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When you do things differently, people tend to take notice. From raving cuisine reviews to franchise expansion news, please take a moment to read our recent write-ups.


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Slice of the Big Apple

August 7, 2013

Abu Dhabi Week

Al Wahda Mall's new extension hosts the family-friendly Russo's New York Pizzeria. Already bustling with patrons, we were welcomed warmly, as we settled in for a hearty Italian feast. Like a mo ... Read More Logo

Houston-based Russo's restaurants to expand into Tarrant

July 29, 2013

When you talk to Anthony Russo, his New Jersey roots are pretty clear, but he's been a Texas restaurateur since the early '90s, when he opened Anthony's Pizzeria in Clear Lake, outside of Houston. His ... Read More

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Restaurant Review: Russo's New York Pizzeria

July 23, 2013

Chynna Foucek

As a native New Yorker, and previous fan of authentic Bronx pizza (before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, of course), I've come to realize that it's incredibly difficult to master the art o ... Read More

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Face to Face with Anthony Russo of Russo's New York Pizzeria

June 4, 2013

Houston Business Journal

Even as a kid, Anthony Russo's heart belonged to pizza. The owner and head chef of Houston-based Russo's New York Pizzeria Inc. recalls walking with his father more than 30 years ago by small New Jers ... Read More

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