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When you do things differently, people tend to take notice. From raving cuisine reviews to franchise expansion news, please take a moment to read our recent write-ups.


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Outsider’s Guide to Memphis’ Top Restaurants: Russo’s New York Pizzeria

September 7, 2010


Eighth in the “Outsider’s Guide to Memphis Restaurant” series-A guide to the best restaurants Memphis has to offer.  This article will give you insight into one of the best pizza restaurants you’ ... Read More

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Russo’s New York Ready Offering Franchise Opportunity Internationally

May 13, 2010

PR Web

Houston-based Russo’s New York and Russo’s New York Coal Fired Italian Kitchen has plans to continue to take a bigger piece of the pie, and we’re not just talking pizza.The Russo’s Coal Fired Pizz ... Read More

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Olive Italian Food From Russo's New York

April 27, 2010

PR Log

Who doesn’t love Italian food and olives?  The medical community has stated that a Mediterranean Diet has many significant health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and ma ... Read More

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Happy Anniversary to League City New York Pizzeria!

April 27, 2010

Laura Elder

Has it really been a year? Business partners Vic Matthews and Mike Putnal (a former captain with the Galveston Police Department) are marking the anniversary of their Russo’s New York Pizzeria f ... Read More

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