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When you do things differently, people tend to take notice. From raving cuisine reviews to franchise expansion news, please take a moment to read our recent write-ups.


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Checking out Russo’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria, serious new pizza place in Richardson

May 28, 2009

Teresa Gubbins

Dallas doesn't yet get credit from outsiders for its buzzy pizza scene, but we who live here know that that past few years have been happy times for fans of good, eve ... Read More

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Houston-based Russo’s Coal-Fired Pizzeria opening in Richardson

April 30, 2009

Teresa Gubbins

Houston-based Russo's New York Pizzeria is opening a branch of its "Coal-Fired" chain in Richardson this spring, bringing to the Dallas-area another pizzeria that employs a gen-you-wine coal-fired ove ... Read More

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My Russo's Coal-Fired Pizza pix : Pure Torment

August 19, 2008

Cook's Tour: Alison Cook

So I'm back from Maine, and already I am wishing I had time for a run out to Russo's New York Coal-Fired Pizzeria.The sliced sausage and red onion pie at Russo's New York Coal-Fired Pizzeria.The coal- ... Read More

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Top 100 Pizza Companies 2008

July 8, 2008

Pizza Today

Each Year Pizza Today mails surveys to pizza company executivesaccross the nation.  Working off their responses, they compile the "Top 100 Pizza Companies" list -- a ranking of America's 100 larg ... Read More

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