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September 16, 2013


First off---I do not like chain restaurants. Second off----I HATE chain Italian restaurants!!

After this meal I will have to re-think this philosophy.  The place has been open for three days and served one of the best Italian meals that I have ever had. (Keep in mind I am an east coast guy and I know my Italian!)

We were forgotten for a short time after we were seated, but once out server Bob got to us the service was excellent. He was attentive, but not overbearing.

We ordered the prosciutto pizza, chicken pesto and veal parm.  Every bite was better than the last. The pizza was super flavorful and had that great crust that can only come from a super hot oven. The pesto and veal parm were exactly what you would expect, but perfectly done.

The flat bread served before the meal was a little inconsistent, some fresh and some seemed  stale, however this little negative was nowhere near enough to keep us from going back.

If they keep this up they can be one of the few truly great restaurants in Tulsa.

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