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June 24, 2011

Warren Byers

Fresh from expansion success in The Middle East, particularly Dubai, Russo’s New York Pizza is in another milestone again for plans of opening another pizza chain thereby creating business opportunities in South Africa.

Anthony Russo captured the hearts of Arabs when he served his signature 28 Inch party pizza at the 2011 Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai.  Russo prepared his pie with fresh dough without additives or preservatives, topped with sauce made from premium hand-selected tomatoes and authentic Italian cheese. Raised from Italian parents who love fresh Italian cooking, Russo retained the family’s tradition of food quality and excellence.

Restaurant owner Anthony Russo brags the freshness of the ingredients they used whenever on the globe his restaurant is located from the dairy products, flour, tomatoes down to olive oils, all are major ingredient when making a great-tasting pizza.  This is because they get their product direct from the source. Making their pizza’s ideal for health-conscious customers. “Expansion of my business is my way of sharing a good meal that is healthy for everyone everywhere in the world and at the same time creating business opportunities in South Africa”, Russo said.

From the humble beginnings of Russo’s New York Pizza, restaurateur Anthony Russo started  franchising his popular 'New York Pizzeria' in 1992 and has since successfully expanded his business to 28 locations in Texas and nearby states, till the conception of the more chic and casual dining experience of  'Russo's Italian Coal-Fired Kitchen’ which is in for franchising too. 

The opening of Russo’s New York Pizzeria in Middle East paves its expansion to South Africa which is expected to create jobs and business opportunities in South Africa, especially for budding entrepreneurs.  Global expansion creates a positive image and builds the reputation of the brand. But such feat is impossible without the product’s credibility and high reputation. Anthony Russo manages to maintain such trait enabling him to create a pizza empire.

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