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April 13, 2011

Franchisee Satisfation Awards

Our 2011 list of Top Franchises includes a number of companies that have performed well for the past several years, This year, Russo's New York Pizzeria made the cut!

Russo’s New York Pizzeria
Startup Investment:  $295,000 - $990,000
Cash Requirement:  $400,000 - $1 million
Domestic Franchises:  27

At its core, the Russo’s concepts are about a love for fresh food, friends, and family. Although  business ownership or management experience is a definite plus, we have no set background  requirement or present guidelines for the ideal franchisee. In fact, we have franchisees whose  “former lives” range from engineers to accountants to lawyers. The only true recipe for success  is the Russo’s franchise system itself. If you are willing to put your trust in proven, successful   systems and rely on the leadership team that has seen so many succeed before you, you’re  well on your way to making a wonderful franchisee.

Franchise companies have stepped up the support of their franchisees in the past few years  (which we’ve seen reflected in significantly higher satisfaction in the category of training and  support) and found ways to work smarter and do more, with less. Perhaps most striking of all are the companies that have maintained impressively high franchisee satisfaction throughout  the economic crisis, proving that operators of a well-run franchise will not only survive, but thrive in good times and bad.

With thousands of franchise opportunities to choose from, we know that not all franchises are  created equal, but we hope this list, based on our annual survey of more than 25,000 franchise owners, guides you on your way.

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